Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello!!! So today is one yer since we have been living in Argentina! :O it is crazy how time has gone by SO FAST. After 10 years living in the United States, finally living in MY country, has been super crazy! I have grown up a lot, in a lot of ways! When we still lived in the US I always wanted to come back, just because I wanted something new, and well that is exactly what I got, well we all got!. Sometimes it feels as if I have always lived here and nothing changed. But then I see that things HAVE changed, even I have! and that's good! I guess a different life experience does change you, and it makes you see things differently! I don't even regret ever wanting to come back! because I have gained so many new experiences here! Of course there is stuff to complain about but why does that matter? I'm just still trying to learn ahha, although I have kind of adapted myself to this place, it's still feels weird! Sometimes it's like a dream. I mean think about it. Living 10 years outside the country, basically growing up somewhere else, and suddenly BOOM big change! So many new opportunities and you meet different people! I'm not complaining at all :)  

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