Friday, November 30, 2012


Hi bloggers and visitors!!:) So I bring you this quote! I personally love it! because we ALL have a past no matter what it is, we all do. So I guess I will talk about how I was or felt before I got that "want" to know the Lord. Ok so it was not too long ago, I basically "began" at the beginning of this year. I don't know, i guess I knew that something was missing, something that I just HAD to know. So I started going to church with my grandma and aunt, we still do but not every Sunday because, well, it's not that easy. But I try to embrace the moment as much as I can. Ok so, we have a preacher that is so humble with us and so understanding and funny! He preaches so good and it MAKES you understand the word. You feel really comfortable there! Now guys, my church is not very "popular" but why does that have to matter. You don'g go to church for it's people, food..etc. You go to hear the word! What's more beautiful than that! I learned so much from going and from doing my research and I have yet SO much to learn! it's incredible! I just felt that deep want to know God.. It's going to take lots of time but, I guess it will happen at some point! No, I don't guess, I know! I guess patience is word here! ha :)

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