Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It has been FOREVER since I made a new blog post :) . I particularly love this quote because it means a lot to me. Usually, we go around with this need to impress, and I don't blame myself for this because, it's society that causes this. But I am to blame for falling under the influence of it! We don't have to impress anyone but God. We constantly forget what it's like to just lay back and be who we are. Maybe we put different personality's around different people, or maybe we don't feel secure about ourselves. It's the pressure that society gives us of this urge to be wanted, to be liked. We want that attention, we crave it, and it's hard to avoid it, I know. But sometimes we have to take a step back and breath, and say " Wait, this is NOT who I am...." In the end it's us who need to be content with ourselves, we need to take care of our hearts more than our appearances.

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